About Us

The National Farm Research Unit is an independent authority on British and Irish farming, established more than twenty years ago to research the issues that matter to farmers and establish common farm practises and trends. As part of its remit, the National Farm Research Unit collects and communicates farmers' views and opinions on key farming issues.

To support its on-going research, the National Farm Research Unit gathers and collates wide-ranging and detailed information from large numbers of co-operating farmers. This information helps to build a detailed picture of what is happening in the farming community for farmers, the media and clients involved in the industry.

The success of the National Farm Research Unit is very much down to our large group of co-operative farmers, whose help is much appreciated. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable interviewers, who live and work in the countryside, strive to make the interview experience both efficient and enjoyable.

Currently our database of farmers, which is continuously updated and refined, consists of more than 80,000 farms from the UK and Ireland. It is one of the largest, most comprehensive and detailed databases in the industry.

We believe that information on farming issues and trends that we collect should be fed back to farmers. We send out regular newsletters to update them on issues affecting them and other farmers in their region.

The media is also keen to hear the farmers' views on many key issues that affect the industry and to ascertain the reaction of the industry to initiatives or proposals being considered. The National Farm Research Unit can answer these needs from existing data or can add a short poll question to our questionnaire over a short period of time. In these situations the data is amalgamated and all individual responses remain completely confidential.

A select group of companies involved in agriculture can also buy the data collected in order to make their offers to farmers more appropriate and relevant. For example a farm equipment manufacturer would be interested in the results of questions relating to the make and models of equipment owned and when it was likely to be replaced. They may then choose to use this information to target individuals at appropriate times with appropriate offers.

We hope that by selling the type of data described that farmers will actually receive less unwanted 'junk mail' and instead will receive more targeted information that is both relevant and useful.

We abide by the Data Protection Act, so if an individual does not want data passed on they can opt out.

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