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Here are the latest monthly food and farming reports, information on cross compliance and other useful Defra briefings.

Cross Compliance Guidance

If you claim the Basic Payment Scheme, Countryside Stewardship, or certain rural development schemes in 2015, you must follow Defra's' cross compliance rules (including new soil protection standards) for the whole of the year.

Click here for the latest changes to the cross compliance rules since last year’s guide

The guide to cross compliance in England 2015 Soil protection standards 2015

The guide to cross compliance in England 2015 >>
Soil protection standards 2015 >>
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Apprentices are aged 16 or over and combine working with studying for a work-based qualification, from GCSEs or equivalent up to degree level. They can be new or existing employees and you could get a grant or funding to employ an apprentice. You must pay the apprentice at least the agreed minimum amount during their placement with you. Your apprentice should expect to work with experienced staff, learn job-specific skill and study for a work-based qualification during their working week, eg at a college or training organisation.

To find out more click on the relevant link below or call your country provider:

England: Tel: 08000 150 600
Scotland: Tel: 0800 783 6000
Wales: Tel: 03000 6 03000
Northern Ireland: Tel: 0300 200 7876
Ireland: Contact your local training centre

Defra Farming and Food Brief October 2015

This month’s topics include:

Food prices continue to fall
Year on year food prices have continued to fall, with an annual rate of inflation of -2.3 per cent in the year to September 2015, according to official figures released today.

Continued sharp decline in winter wheat price
The September 2015 average price for Hard Red winter wheat was $216 per tonne, which was a 36% decline from the May 2014 average price of $342 as markets react to the latest harvest information.

Milk volumes and prices
The provisional volume of wholesale milk delivered to UK dairies during September 2015 was 1.2 billion litres, 0.8% (9.2m litres) higher than in September 2014.

Water Usage on farms in England 2013/14
In 2013/14, the Farm Business Survey (FBS) collected data on the sources of water used on farms and the proportion of water used from each of these sources. In 2013/14 farms sourced, on average, two thirds of their water from the mains supply, 18% from bore holes and abstracted 12% from rivers/streams/springs for immediate use.

Farm Incomes, England 2014/15
The latest results from the Farm Business Survey in England were published on the 29 October 2015. These figures are for the year ending February 2015. Average Farm Business Income fell across all farm types in 2014/15 apart from grazing livestock farms in the lowland and Less Favoured Areas.

Click here to download the full PDF >>

Food Statistics Pocketbook 2015

Defra Food Statistics Pocketbook 2015

Defra have produced their Food Statistics Pocketbook for 2014 which provides a round-up of statistics covering the economic, social and environmental aspects of food.

Food Statistics Pocketbook 2015 >>

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