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Food Statistics 2014

Defra’s Food Statistics Pocketbook 2014

Defra Food Statistics Pocketbook 2014

Defra have produced their latest Food Statistics Pocketbook 2014 which provides a round-up of statistics covering the economic, social and environmental aspects of food. Here’s a few of the statistics: The food sector in GB employed 3.1 million people in 2014, a 2.3% increase from 2013; 23 countries accounted for 90% of UK food supply in 2013, the UK supplied over half (53%); food prices have risen 18% in real terms since 2007; Consumer expenditure on food, drink and catering has continued to rise despite the economic downturn; Food is the largest item of household expenditure for low income households after housing, fuel and power costs.

Monthly Farming & Food Briefs

Here are the key headlines from Defra’s monthly Farming and Food Brief for November 2014. For a full version of their monthly brief, click here to download the PDF.

Defra Farming and Food Brief November 2014

Rise in Total Income from Farming
In 2013 Total Income from Farming rose by £823 million to £5,638 million, a 17% increase on 2012 and is 2.3% higher than the 2011 total. The key contributors to the change were the increases in: milk by £504 million; potatoes by £282 million; poultry by £250 million and barley by £214 million. This was somewhat offset by an increase of £671 million in animal feed and a £245 million decrease in the value of oilseed rape.

Total Factor Productivity of the agricultural industry falls
Total factor productivity of the agricultural industry in the United Kingdom is estimated to have fallen by 0.2% between 2012 and 2013. Compared to 2012 there was a 1% increase in the volume of outputs but a larger 1.2% increase in the volume inputs. This is the second year in a row that total factor productivity has fallen. The effects of the poor weather in 2012 also impacted on the 2013 figures.

Basic Horticultural Statistics
The latest data for 2013 has been released and there were 160,000 hectares dedicated to fruit and vegetables in the UK in 2013. The overall vegetable area increased slightly in 2013 by 2% to 131,000 hectares whereas the total fruit area has remained unchanged at 29,000 hectares.

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Defra Farming and Food Brief October 2014

UK Harvest 2014: Provisional UK wheat production is estimated to be 16.6 million tonnes and is 39% higher than last year and the largest harvest since 2008. Wheat imports are forecast to be 41% lower at 1.3 million tonnes than last year as the UK crop is expected to meet the majority of domestic demand. Provisional UK barley production is 7.1 million tonnes, which is around 1% lower than last year.

Farm incomes for 2013/14: Results for the 12 months ending 28 February were published on 30 Oct. The impact of the wet autumn in 2012 and the cold, late spring in 2013 continued to be felt on cereals, general cropping, mixed and grazing livestock farms where average Farm Business Income fell. However incomes increased on dairy, specialist pig and specialist poultry farms.

UK croppable area 2014: Provisional results show total croppable area in the UK has decreased by 0.7% to almost 6.3 million hectares.

Farm gate milk prices September 2014: The average farm gate milk price in September 2014 was 31p per litre (6.6% lower than at September 2013).

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