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Farmers champion Conservatives for having their best interests at heart.

Ahead of the much-anticipated election on 8th June 2017, The National Farm Research Unit (NFRU) interviewed 1,064 UK farmers, asking “With the upcoming general election in mind, in your opinion which political party values the interests of UK agriculture the most?”, 42% of farmers chose the Conservatives.

The results currently show a narrow majority of 38% of farmers who believe remaining in the EU is the right decision for the farming industry, versus 34% of farmers who think the industry will be better off leaving. The margin is tight, with just 4 percentage points between the decided farmers and almost a third of farmers not offering a preference.

Chart 1

Source: NFRU Poll with 1,064 responses weighted up to represent the UK farming population from 3rd May – 6th June 2017.

The next favourable answer was “none”; 28% of farmers felt that none of the parties could make decisions based on their best interests. This was followed by 22% of farmers responding with “don’t know”, although Northern Ireland, Wales and the dairy sector answered “don’t know” as their second favorable answer.

Focusing on farmers who answered “none” by country, the results reveal:

  • England – 29%
  • Scotland – 35%
  • Wales – 13%
  • Northern Ireland – 25%
  • Concentrating on farmers who answered “none” by enterprise, the results demonstrate:

  • Arable – 33%
  • Beef – 30%
  • Dairy – 27%
  • Sheep – 26%
  • Chart 2

    Picture Credit: www.politics.co.uk

    The only country and enterprise that had any discrepancies with the ‘pole position’ party was Scotland, where “none” was the most popular answer at 35%. Here the Conservative party was also placed higher than the Scottish National Party with 28% vs 7%. Similarly, in Northern Ireland, there was a 31% vote for the Conservative party, whereas the Democratic Unionist Party had a 3% vote.

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